Wikispace Posts:

  • Students are expected to post on the Wikispaces site three times each week. Each post should be 100 words or more. Of the three, at least one post must be an original post about your internship. The final two posts should be responses to other students' posts.
  • Each week, teachers will create guiding questions to be addressed to be addressed in your original post.
  • Due Date (by 11:59 pm): April 13th, April 20th, April 27th, May 4th

Photo Essay:

  • Students are expected to compile a photo-essay of their internship experience.
  • Photo essays must include exactly 5 images, each accompanied by a 300-word essay.
  • The final product can be presented using any digital format that is shareable on your Digital Portfolio (PPT, Prezi, iMovie, Webpage on DP, etc.).
  • Due Date: May 7th

Internship Project:

  • Each student-mentor-advisor team will individual design the internship project. Projects will be due prior to the student's Presentation of Learning.
  • Click the button below to open the SMART Goal form for your assignment on April 20th.