Students are expected to post on the Wikispaces site three times each week. Each post should be 100 words or more. Of the three, at least one post must be an original post about your internship. The final two posts should be responses to other students' posts.

To create your "original post" for the week click the "Discussion Posts" button in the upper right of this page. Then create a new post. Guiding questions are listed below for each week. Copy and paste that week's questions into your original post to ensure that you address all questions.

To respond to others' posts, click the "Discussion Posts" button in the upper right of this page. Then click on another student's post and reply.

Pre-Week Guiding Questions (Due April 13th):

Briefly review your placement... Where will you be interning? Who is your mentor? What time are you to be there on Monday? What does the business or organization you are interning with do? Predict how you will fit into your business or organization's purpose? What do you hope to accomplish? How do envision this experience help you in the future?

Week 1 Guiding Questions (Due April 20th):

What have you been working on this week? Other than your mentor, who have you met? Describe your project in detail and report how it will benefit your company/business. What are some of the challenges you face in your internship? What has interested you the most about it?

Week 2 Guiding Questions (Due April 27th):

What progress have you made on your SMART goal this week? Describe your progress on your project. How do you juggle daily activities and project work time? What has been an unexpected positive that has come from your internship so far? Pinpoint at least one skill that you have used in this internship that you haven't used before or haven't used as much as you are now. How might this experience relate to a career path in which you are interested?

Week 3 Guiding Questions (Due May 4th):

Did you take Monday off or work with your mentor? If you took the day off, describe the conversation you had with your mentor. If you worked, tell what you accomplished. When is your POL? What have you been doing to prep yourself for the POL? Describe the kinds of pictures will we see in your photo essay. What will you miss about this internship experience? What other things have you learned about the working world from this experience?